Edinburgh Exterior Spring Clean Services.

Now that the festive period is over, we are all thinking about clearing out and cleaning the interior of our homes to prepare for Spring, but looking at the exterior of your property is also worthwhile, as you can see some immediate results that not only improve the aesthetics but in some cases can actually add value to your home or office.

Below are some areas you could focus on to bring the exterior of your building up to scratch.

Exterior Surface Cleaning

Pressure washing can make quick work of cleaning the exterior surfaces of your home such as driveways, patios, garden furniture & decking. However it’s important to be careful as the high water pressure can easily damage softer, porous surfaces such as decking.

With Pressure washing, home owners are able to use a domestic lance, but unfortunately it’s not quite the same as the industrial pressure washers that professional companies such as Edinburgh Driveway Clean use when cleaning exterior surfaces.

The other thing to consider, is the treatment of stubborn stains or areas of thicker build up of dirt, and there are various tools that we have to carefully treat, breakdown and remove from the surface.

We try to avoid chemicals wherever possible and lean to the varying power of just water to do the magic, but in some cases we will carefully apply chemicals to help breakdown stubborn stains.

You see, Pressure washing can be a tough gig, but if done properly and professionally, the results can be amazing.

If you are based within Edinburgh or The Lothians and need support with Pressure washing, email us on  and we will be delighted to pop out and provide a quotation.

Driveway repair and restoration

The first thing that people see when they approach your home or office is the driveway. And often due to continuous use and weather damage, it is the first element of your property to deteriorate.

When we are asked to professionally clean a driveway, there is a requirement to carry out some preparation work and repairs so that the final clean is as ‘like new’ as possible.

Maintenance can include the following:

  • The removal and root treatment of grass or weeds that are encroaching on the driveway in cracks.
  • Spot treatment of oil / petrol stains from cars
  • After pressure washing and rotary cleaning, we then surface brush all of the excess water
  • Once dry, for certain surfaces we look at applying Kiln sand to the joints and brushing it in to give a ‘like new’ finish.
  • Finally we consider the application of a seal to protect the driveway from future damage and to extent the life of the treatment.

A similar process can be applied to the cleaning of decking, being careful not to damage the wood, we use various techniques including deck cleaner, scrub brushes, low pressure rinses & sealers to finish

Window Cleaning

What a difference clean windows make to the appearance of your property, and regular cleaning is the key. Keeping on top of the panes both externally and internally is an easy way to really enhance your home but also, clean windows are great for peace of mind. Tidy windows, tidy mind and all that! If you have been watching the new Netflix documentary Tidying up with Marie Kondo, you will have seen the benefits of keeping your surrounding clean & tidy.

We provide regular cleaning contracts for 1000’s of residential and commercial customers across Edinburgh & The Lothians and use the most technologically advanced systems such as reach and wash, so that hard to reach areas can be cleaned with any health and safety risks.

To find out more about MCS Group’s window cleaning services or to arrange a FREE consultation email us at

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