Edinburgh Reach and Wash Window Cleaning

High reach window cleaning for the exterior windows of any property

Our window cleaners use the Reach & Wash system when cleaning the outside windows of most homes and businesses. This revolutionary system allows our window cleaners to access and clean high access windows from ground level without the need for ladders or platforms. Thanks to this specialist equipment we can deliver great value high reach window cleaning for the exterior windows of any property across Edinburgh and the Lothians.

The need to abide by all work-at-height guidelines has given rise to a new way of cleaning windows and other hard to reach areas without having to depend on ladders. Known as ‘reach and wash’, this method of cleaning uses pressurised water along with extendable poles that allow our technicians to reach at-height surfaces from the ground.

Before the days of reach and wash, cleaning the second- and third-floor areas required the use of ladders, scaffolding, or hydraulic lifting equipment. All three options represent somewhat of a safety risk. They also take extra time to deploy, making cleaning at height less efficient and more costly for building owners. Reach and wash is the perfect solution to what has been a perplexing problem for decades.

What We Do

Our reach and wash services are designed to clean exterior portions of your home from the ground. We can clean all the windows on the upper floors, clean out the gutters, remove algae and mould, and do virtually anything else that needs to be done. Best of all, safety is never compromised in the process.

The concept of reach and wash is based on pressurised water and cleaning solutions being fed through an extended pole handled by the cleaning technician. In theory, it is possible to effectively clean windows and other surfaces six or seven floors off the ground. Effective at-height cleaning is just a matter of getting the water pressure right and extending a pole to get to those hard to reach spaces.

Let Us Handle At-Height Work For You

Perhaps you have never used professional cleaning services for the exterior of your home. If so, how have you reached windows and other surfaces on the second floor? We urge you to not take chances with any unsafe methods of addressing at-height work. Let us handle the work for you. We are trained and experienced in all aspects of reach and wash.

Reach and wash was implemented in order to keep people safe without sacrificing the ability to clean hard to reach surfaces. At MCS, at-height cleaning using a reach and wash system is one of the many services we offer.

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